Dom Knigi

Dom Knigi (Book House), located in one of the most architecturally beautiful buildings of Saint Petersburg, is well-known not only in Russia, but also abroad. It should be said that this building was constructed in 1902-1904 specially for Zinger Company. It was planned to locate there one of this company’s shops. Zinger had its headquarters all over the world, but it wanted to have a shop in the capital of Russian Empire. The old building on Nevskiy Avenue 28 was quite old and it was decided to construct a new one. Architect P.U. Suzor created an architectural masterpiece, which became very notable on the background of classical architecture of that time. He used giant display windows, plenty of stylized decorative sculptures on the facades, preferred characteristic for modern style shape of the dome, made of glass and iron.

Zinger Company owned this building till 1917. After the revolution it housed the bookstore and some publishing houses. In 1925 the building was given to quite modern publishing house called Lendetgis, oriented for young readers. Very famous poet Samuil Marchak became its leader and manager. Apart from the books the publishing house also produced some famous magazines for children. It successfully worked with popular writes such as Korney Chukovskiy, Evgeniy Shvartz, and others.

This bookstore, which was the main book house of Soviet Union, remains one of the most popular book shop till present day. There the customers can buy the books on art, literature, philosophy, history, sociology, economics, psychology, as well as textbooks, medical, scientific, technical literature and fiction. If you want, you can take any book, hold it in your hand, or even read some pages. In 2003, on Nevskiy Prospekt 62 a new headquarter of Book House was opened.

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Address: 28, Nevskiy Prospekt; 62 Nevskiy Prospekt
Metro: Nevskiy prospekt
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