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Museums in St Petersburg

The Hermitage Museum

The Hermitage is one of the best museums not only in Russia, but in the whole world. The State Hermitage Museum has entertained visitors for more than two centuries. Its history goes back to 1764, when the Small Hermitage was built to house Catherine II's art collection.View More>>

Russian Museum

The Russian Museum in St Petersburg, along with Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow, is the largest museum of Russian art in the world. It treasures rich collections of ancient and modern art by Russian and Soviet painters, sculptures, and graphic artists. View More>>

The Kunstkammer

The Kunstkammer, founded by Peter the Great in 1714 in St Petersburg, was the first museum in Russia. Started as Peter's "Cabinet of Curiosities", the museum became part of the newly formed Academy of Sciences in 1724. For over a hundred years it functioned as an important public institution.View More>>

Mikhailovsky Castle

Mikhailovsky Castle is one of the most mysterious buildings in Saint Petersburg. It bears the stamp of individuality of its owner, Paul I, a mystic and exceptional Russian Emperor, who died in the castle. View More>>

Russian Vodka Museum

The first tavern where one could buy vodka was opened in Russia in 1533. The beverage was brought into the country even earlier, at the beginning of the 15th century. The museum dedicated to vodka was opened in St Petersburg just in 2001.View More>>

Memorial Apartment of Alexander Pushkin

The Memorial Apartment and Museum of Alexander Pushkin, the most famous poet of Russia, is located on Moika Embankment, not far from Nevsky Prospect. In this apartment the poet finished his famous novel The Captain’s Daughter and worked on The Peter the Great’s Chronicles.View More>>
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