Russian Souvenirs

Sometimes, it can be difficult to decide what to bring home from a city you are visiting. But in Russia you can find a lot of interesting, and very authentic, Russian souvenirs. In St Petersburg it’s easy to find everything – from cheap Russian souvenirs such as enamelled badges and little flags to expensive hand-made lacquered boxes or wooden toys.

Russian vodka and caviar are national specialties that are easy to find. If you are not sure what to have, just buy these and your relatives and friends will be just happy to try. Caviar (or ikra in Russian) will be an excellent accompaniment to Russian blinis (pancakes). Vodka is a strong, clear or flavoured, drink that is still very popular in Russia.

Lacquered artifacts are very popular gifts. A selection of such artifacts in shops or markets can be huge: buy anything from very expensive lacquered Palekh boxes to more affordable bowls, spoons or eggs with typical Russian patterns or icons.

Perhaps, we should have started from this – Matryoshka Dolls. The image of Matryoshka is strongly connected with Russia. Matryoshka can be made in traditional style (Russian folklore) or painted as Soviet, Russian or other political leaders or just famous persons. Be sure that you can find Matryoshka in every souvenir shop in St Petersburg.

Many tourists think that the best souvenirs they can take home from Russia are some Soviet items. There is a good range of Soviet memorabilia one can choose from: buy Russian winter hats (ushanka), Red Army kits, belts, and badges, or look for pocket watches and old banknotes from the Soviet era.

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