Religious Sites

St Isaac's Cathedral

St Isaac's Cathedral is one of the most remarkable monuments of Russian architecture. This grand structure filled up the space of the Senate Square, and created a new square as well. Alongside with the Peter and Paul's Cathedral and the Admiralty it became an important landmark in the cityscape. View More>>

Alexander Nevsky Lavra

Alexander Nevsky Lavra is one of the largest architectural ensembles in the city. It is located at the end of Nevsky Prospect, between Alexander Nevsky Square and Obvodny Canal, at the confluence of the Monastyrka River and Neva River.View More>>

Cesme Church and Palace

The Chesme Palace was designed by architect Velten in 1774-1777. He used the medieval English castle Longford as a sample. The Cesme Church and palace have Gothic motifs in their design. View More>>


The mosque attracts people with its exotic view, unusual for the northern landscape of Saint Petersburg. The dome and two minarets of the mosque are decorated with multi-colored tiles, the walls are made of gray granite and the facade is decorated with sayings from the Koran.View More>>

Naval St Nicolas Cathedral of the Epiphany

The Cathedral was named after St Nicolas Chudotvotetz (Wonder Worker). It became a kind of memorial in honor of the lost seamen. In the garden around the Cathedral one can see the memorial in honor of the heroes of the Russian-Japanese War.View More>>
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