Literaturnoye Cafe

This Petersburg cafe was once a high-class-white-linen-tablecloth kind of place with a grand tradition - apparently it was Pushkin’s favorite hang out. View More>>

Marco Polo Restaurant and Pinta Bar

Marco Polo Restaurant is one of the most original and well-equipped restaurants in Saint Petersburg. Marco Polo Restaurant is famous for its Mediterranean, European and Russian menu.View More>>

Matrosskaya Tishina Restaurant

Matrosskaya Tishina Restaurant is the first fish restaurant which appeared in Saint Petersburg, that’s why it has become the most popular one as among the locals as well as among the guests of the Northern capital of Russia. View More>>

Greek Tavern Oliva

If you still think that Greek cuisine means only musakas or Greek salad, you are fully mistaken. Visit Greek Tavern Oliva and you will discover all the variety of national cuisine of Greece. View More>>


Tequila-boom is a world known chain of Mexican cantinas, which is very popular among the visitors. The first Tequila-boom cantina appeared in Mexico in 1873. Nowadays it has the restaurants in Mexico, Acapulco, Cancun, Los Angeles, and other cities. View More>>

Troika Restaurant

Visiting Troika Restaurant you will witness the best traditions of Russian hospitality. Considered one of the most popular restaurants of Saint Petersburg, Troika welcomes the guests with the most world-known Russian dishes.View More>>
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