Sights and Monuments

Sights and Monuments

St Isaac's Cathedral

St Isaac's Cathedral is one of the most remarkable monuments of Russian architecture. This grand structure filled up the space of the Senate Square, and created a new square as well. Alongside with the Peter and Paul's Cathedral and the Admiralty it became an important landmark in the cityscape. View More>>

Bronze Horseman

The first monument in our city was erected on Senate Square. It’s a monument to Peter I, the founder of St Petersburg. This monument, commemorated by Pushkin in his poem The Bronze Horseman, is one of the best samples of the world monumental sculpture.View More>>

Arts Square

Arts Square is one of the most interesting architectural ensembles in St Petersburg as all the buildings facing the square are connected to arts. The center of the ensemble is the Mikhailovsky Palace, designed by architect Rossi in 1819-1825.View More>>

Naval St Nicolas Cathedral of the Epiphany

The Cathedral was named after St Nicolas Chudotvotetz (Wonder Worker). It became a kind of memorial in honor of the lost seamen. In the garden around the Cathedral one can see the memorial in honor of the heroes of the Russian-Japanese War.View More>>

The Admiralty

The Nevskiy Prospect starts with an immense building of the Admiralty – one of the most spectacular sights of Saint Petersburg. Its long gilded spire with a ship on the top is ranked as a specific and world-known symbol of the city. View More>>

Monument to Catherine the Great

The "golden age" of Russia – this is how the period of Catherine’s the Great reign was called. Thanks to her constant efforts to improve the life of Russian people, she was fully adored by the locals of St Petersburg. View More>>

The Alexander Column

Amazing piece of architecture and engineering – this is about one of the most remarkable sights of St. Petersburg – the Alexander Column, a monument to the Russian military victory in the war with Napoleon's France. The column got the name of outstanding Emperor Alexander I, who ruled Russia between 1801 and 1825. View More>>

The Column of Glory

The Column of Glory is one of the most remarkable symbols of St Petersburg. It is located at Konnogvardeiskiy Boulevard, connecting the St. Isaac's Square and the Senate Square with the district of Kolomna.This famous monument is represented by two granite pillars, crowned by bronze figures of the goddess of victory Nike.View More>>

The Moscow Triumphal Gates

The Moscow Triumphal Gates is a winning classical iron gate in St Petersburg. The monument was erected in 1834-1838 in honour of the Russian victory in the Russo-Turkish War (1828-1829). At first, the city governors planned to place the monument at the Obvodniy Canal. View More>>
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