Memorial Apartment of Alexander Pushkin

The Memorial Apartment and Museum of Alexander Pushkin, the most famous poet of Russia, is located on Moika Embankment, not far from Nevsky Prospect.

The museum was opened in 1925. The apartment on Moika was chosen because it was the last place where Pushkin lived before he died in a duel with Dantes in 1837. In this apartment the poet finished his famous novel The Captain’s Daughter and worked on The Peter the Great’s Chronicles.

The exhibition comprises mostly of personal belongings of the poet, including a pretty big collection of books in different languages. Visitors can see Pushkin’s armchair, desk, pens, and even the waistcoat the poet was wearing on the day of duel.

Contact information

Address: 12 Moika Embankment
Phone: +7 (812) 571-38-01
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