The Admiralty

The Nevskiy Prospect starts with an immense building of the Admiralty – one of the most spectacular sights of Saint Petersburg. Its long gilded spire with a ship on the top is ranked as a specific and world-known symbol of the city. The Admiralty used to be a fortified shipyard, founded by Peter the Great on the left bank of the Neva River in 1704. At first the building of the Admiralty was used for the shipbuilding. The numerous workshops and different storehouses were located there.

The first buildingof the Admiralty was arranged in the form of the Russian letter "D". Some years later there appeared the stone construction of the Admiralty colleges, crowned with a tower and a gilt spire. In the 18th century architect A. Korobov conducted the construction works and as a result the tower with the spire grew considerably and became 72 meters high. In the 19th century talented Russian architect A. Zakharovmanaged to rebuild the Admiralty. He designed a huge and striking construction of two H-shaped buildings - the outer and the inner ones.In front of the Admiralty building beautiful Alexandrovskiy garden was founded. In 1886 the weather-vane was placed on the top of the Admiralty tower. It is rather massive but turns around easily, indicating the wind direction.

Many outstanding Russian artists and sculptures took great efforts decorating the Admiralty. The sculptural decoration of the tower is especially rich. Both sides of the main arch are decorated with several sculptural groups, which represent Nymphs carrying the Globe; the corners of the tower attic are topped with the statues of Alexander the Great, Achilles, Ajax and Pyrhus. The statues, which symbolize the four seasons of the year, can be seen at the upper colonnade of the tower. Moreover, there are also the statues of four main winds, along with Isis, the patroness of shipbuilding, and Urania, the Muse of Astronomy among them. And now it keeps impressing the tourists by incredible elegance, irreproachable proportions and the irresistible simplicity of architecture. Nowadays the Admiralty houses a Navy School with a Navy museum.

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Address: 1 Admiralteiskiy Prospekt
Metro: Nevskiy Prospekt
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